Solo final tour in Malaita Province

Solo headed north on Mascot Malaita Tour

Solo with Kids in Malaita Province Tour
Solo with Children in Fiu Village, Malaita Province Tour.

Solo, the Sol2023 Pacific Games Official Mascot continues its final lap of the nationwide tour headed for the northern regions of Malaita province.

Solo’s tour of the province started last week, and has so far covered Central Malaita.

Communities, villages and schools the fun-loving yellow furry mascot and GOC (Games Organizing Committee)’s Community Engagement team have so far covered include; Auki, Lilisiana, Talakali, Aligegeo, Fiu, Kilusakwalo, Buma, Fote, Dala, Rufoki, Falau and Fo’ondo respectively.

The team will today visit Bita’ama and Basikana.

They will wrap up the month (Tuesday 28th February) visiting Manakwa, Malu’u and Adaua before beginning the new month in Suava, Takwa and Gounasu’u in the Lau lagoons of North Malaita.

Solo’s tour this week and the next will cover the following areas; Foia, Saua, Ferasubua, Fourau, Kwai Ngosila, Atoifi, Manu, Fakanakafo, Foumamanu, Dairana, Fulisango, Busrata, Su’u, Anoano and Buma.

Solo is expected to complete the tour by 7th March, 2023.

The Mascot nationwide tour Solo has been on since debuting in August (2022) is part of the Sol2023 Pacific Games Community Engagement program aimed at generating public awareness and getting people to know about and get excited about this year’s Games.

Following the completion of the Mascot tour, GOC will then start its Games Ambassadors tour next month.

A total of 10 Games Ambassadors look set to sign up with GOC and take part in this program.

The Sol2023 Pacific Games will start on November 19 to December 2nd, this year.

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