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17th Pacific Games a success: PGC President

Devine 34 | June 15, 2024

The Pacific Games Council (PGC) has described the recently held 17th Pacific Games in Honiara, a success.

The PGC president, Vidhya Lakhan while addressing the media today (Monday 4 December), highlighted key areas that underscore the success of the Games.
Mr Lakhan started by highlighting the vital role played by the media.

“At the very outset I want to thank you, members of the media, for your positive reporting on the Sol2023 Pacific Games. Some of you will recall at our first press conference before the opening of the Games, I had requested you all to be positive in your reporting and any negative story needed to be thoroughly investigated before reporting. Thank you for honoring my request.”

Lakhan then applauded the achievements of Team Solomon’s athletes, noting their exceptional performances at the Games.

He highlighted the significance of their success, explaining that it goes beyond medals, contributing positively to the overall morale of the nation.

“As I said at the closing ceremony, these Games were exceptional. The Solomon Islanders put on an excellent Games; every Solomon Islander should be proud of their achievements.

Team Solomon exceeded and doubled its medal target. Team Solomon netted 12 gold, 37 silver, 31 bronze, a total of 89 medals, your best performance ever. In terms of numbers of athletes and team officials,

this has been the biggest Games in our history, 5000 athletes and team officials. Games village accommodation was excellent, dining arrangements and quality of food was excellent, Games competition by island standards were also excellent,” the PGC president added.

Another important aspect highlighted by the PGC president was the economic impact of hosting the Pacific Games.
He said millions of dollars were injected into the local economy and highlighted that key projects such as the construction of the new terminal building and road, stands as a testament to the lasting legacy of the Games.
Lakhan acknowledged the hurdles faced in the transportation sector throughout the event, however applauded the efforts of the responsible authorities to turn the challenges into success.

The PGC president acknowledged the security measures implemented during the Games and how they contributed to the overall experience of athletes.
He acknowledged Chiefs and landowners for their pivotal role in welcoming delegations, showcasing the cultural aspect of the Games, and making visitors feel at home.

President Vidhya Lakhan expressed concern about the care and operation of sporting venues used during the XVII Pacific Games.
In his concluding remarks, Lakhan urged the people of the Solomon Islands to take responsibility for the maintenance of these sports facilities to ensure their longevity for future generations.

“Use, care and operation of the sporting venues is a concern to us. We have raised it with the people in authority and I am sure the people of Solomon Islands would take care of them for the future generations of your athletes. Thanks Solomon Islands for being a good host. Thank you for delivering an incredibly successful Games this year.”

Also, at the press conference, Mr Lakhan took the time to thank and present tokens to the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) as the host PGA and also the Games Organising Committee for getting on hand with the task in delivering the Games. These were received by NOCSI President, Martin Rara and CEO of the GOC, Mr Peter Stewart.

By Carlos Aruafu, Pacific Games News Service

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