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The 17th Pacific Games is now upon us. The Countdown to one of the largest event ever to be hosted by Solomon Islands, began in 2017 from Samoa 2019 Pacific Games. The opening ceremony of the games is confirmed to be November 19th, 2023 and time has flown right before our eyes. The Theme of the 2023 Pacific Games is captured in three simple word.


The Pacific Games is now part of our lives. It will bring the Pacific games to our homes our schools, our offices, our communities, our provinces and our beautiful country. Not only are we competing in the Games, we are providing 8 Games Venues, the Largest Hotel of 3,500-beds, over the games period, 15, 000 meals a day for 5,000 Athletes and Officials, 250 Bus Fleet, 75 Vehicle Fleet, 1,000 Contractors, 3,000 Volunteers. And by June 2023 the pacific games project will employ close to ten thousand people, the Team Solomon Islands is on track in our preparations for SOL2023.


As a Country, our Celebrations have already started; with the timely preparation of necessary Infrastructure; like the Games Venues, Municipal Services – Roads, International Airport Terminal, Hydro Power and Capacity Building of our people through Sports Training, Employment, Education and Economic Activities. We will continue to Celebrate each and every Win Towards, Within and Beyond the Pacific Games.


This has only been possible, because we have stood together, United, despite our Challenges, to bring this event onto our Shores. The games will be here . Our collaborative efforts from Everyone including our Government agencies, Partners and relevant stakeholders will ensure the successful delivery of the 2023 Pacific Games. Let’s pool our energy, resources, our thoughts and our prayers for our collective successes.

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