Solo,the Games Mascot

‘Solo Fever’ hits Solomon’s

SOLO,the games Mascot
GOC staff and SOLO, the games Mascot

With the Sol2023 XVII Pacific Games only a year out, Solo the Games Official Mascot is already the most popular personality in Solomon Islands.

Since its public debut on August 1st, 2022, Solo has captivated and won the hearts of many audiences in the various rural communities, schools, provinces it had visited, whilst also generating a big following on social media.

With every tour, people are starting to know more about Solo, the Pacific Games and how to be involved with the Games.

School children were seen waving around sketches and drawings of Solo, follow Solo around in huge numbers and even excited to wear Solo facemasks and t-shits.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare had previously stated that Solo, the Games Mascot is the unifying factor for Solomon Islands and next year’s Pacific Games.

As part of the Games Community Engagement program, Solo will continue its nationwide tour until early next year, when it completes all provinces in Solomon Islands.

Solo has thus far visited six provinces namely; Guadalcanal, Isabel, Central Islands, Shortland Islands, Rennell and Bellona and Choiseul provinces.

Solo’s next tour will be to the Western province.

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