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373 applications received since April 15

The Sol2023 Pacific Games Volunteer Program is generating much interest both in Honiara and in provinces throughout Solomon Islands.

Since the opening of Volunteer applications on April 15th, more than 300 people have submitted their applications to GOC’s Workforce Centre at AJ City Mall Lunga, East Honiara.

“As of April 15th, we have received a total 373 registered applications, with many more interested persons coming in to collect application forms at our office every day.

“We are expecting that number to increase by the end of the week,” GOC Workforce Manager, Reenah Numaralai confirmed.

She added that those interested to apply can do so for a wide range of Games time roles that include; Accommodation, Accreditation, Anti-Doping, Athletes Village, Broadcast, Catering, Ceremonies & Culture, Logistics, Press Operations & Media, Spectator Services, Sports, Team Support, Technology, Ticketing, Transport, Venue Operations, VIP & Protocol and Volunteer Services.

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Applications can either be submitted online or hand delivered to the GOC Workforce Centre, AJ City Mall.

“Application forms are available online or can be obtained from our Workforce Centre at the AJ City Mall,” she said.

A brief visit to the GOC Workforce Centre yesterday saw a good number of young people, mostly high school students visiting the office either to enquire or lodge their applications.

“Since the start of this week, we have had hundreds come through our office every day. A hundred up to 200 plus forms are given out on a daily basis – that just shows the high number of interest we have regarding Games Volunteering,” GOC Volunteer Supervisor, Donisan Kelly said.

Meanwhile applications will be open for the next four weeks and closes May 15, 2023.

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