SOLO returns to celebrate GP Day

Solo5 | June 16, 2024
Solo meeting entertainers at the GP Day celebrations.

Solo, the Official Sol2023 Pacific Games Mascot last week returned to celebrate the very first event it debuted at a year ago – the Guadalcanal Provinces’ 2nd Appointed Day Celebrations.

A year ago (1st August, 2022), Solo made its first public appearance at the provinces appointed day celebrations at Saint Joseph’s Tenaru School.

Solo again graced the celebrations this year, this time round at the Mamara showground.

“This is a very significant visit by Solo as it was this same program that it Solo debuted, much to the delight of the people.

“This time round, having visited all the provinces and making a name for itself as the most popular figure in the country, the reaction to Solo as it appeared was just massive, incredible,” the Sol2023 Games Organizing Committee’s Community Engagement Coordinator Jaqueline Maeli said.

Apart from taking photos with the crowd and dancing away to the provinces tunes and vibes, Solo also assisted in bringing together audiences to the GOC stall for Games awareness talks and updates were conducted.

“It is indeed an honor to actually meet Solo. We’ve only seen Solo on TV, on Facebook – but to actually have the Mascot here celebrating with us is just something special,” were the general sentiments received on the day.

Meanwhile Solo will this weekend (Sunday 6th August, 2023) will again make a special appearance at the GOC Organized School Speech Competition grand finale at the Friendship Multipurpose Hall.

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