Ambassador Tour

The significance of participating in sports with friends and family is widely recognized, as it not only provides entertainment but also promotes physical well-being. To inspire young individuals to continue engaging in sports, prominent athletes will serve as Ambassadors for each province, as part of a community engagement initiative. The Ambassadors will visit their respective home communities to share their personal stories and experiences in the journey towards representing the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Games. This program marks the second phase of the community engagement strategy, set to begin this month of March.
Sol2023 Ambassador Chris Votu
Sol2023 Ambassador Jay Rukumana Makana
Sol2023 Ambassador Jenly Tegu Wini
Sol2023 Ambassador Joseph Saimei
Sol2023 Ambassador Primo Higa
Sol2023 Ambassador Jim Marau

Sol2023 Ambassadors Promo
Sol2023 Ambassador Timothy Inifiri
Sol2023 Ambassador Hellen Saohaga