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Volunteer handbooks now available online

Handbook posters 1 | February 24, 2024
Games Volunteer handbook Available

The Sol2023 Pacific Games Volunteer Programme and Volunteer Legacy Strategy handbooks are now available online via the Games Official Website (www.sol2023.com.sb).

The public can now access these two important documentations in broadening and enhancing their knowledge about the opportunities and the importance of Games Volunteerism.

Provided in the Volunteer Programme handbook is important information about Games volunteering, its aims and objectives, volunteer application (requirement and criteria) and selection process (requirement and criteria), key timelines and Volunteer Questions and Considerations.

“The Games Volunteer Programme aims to create an inclusive and diverse volunteer workforce that will provide opportunities for everyone.

“The Games will recruit and train over 2500 plus volunteers to join the Games Collective Workforce. There will be a variety of Games-times roles to support the delivery and operations of the Games and volunteers will play an integral role and be the heart of the Games, leaving long-lasting impact on Solomon Islands.”

The Volunteer Legacy Strategy handbook comprises of the benefits of Games Volunteering which include; representative and inclusive volunteering, volunteer legacy and training opportunities for capacity building that Games Volunteers will receive in the lead up to the Games.

“As the Games Blu Yumi Evriwan, we would like our legacy on volunteering to mean that our volunteers are representatives of Solomon Islands and its people and that we deliver an inclusive Pacific Games Volunteering Programme.”

Meanwhile Games Volunteer Recruitment Applications will open in April.

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