Volunteer Overview

Teamwork in Action: Games Workforce and Volunteers Set to Shine in Their Roles

Coordinator for Volunteers and Joana Sireheti
Donisan Kelly, Volunteers Coordinator (left), and Joana Sireheti discuss the volunteer process.

The Games Organizing Committee Workforce Team is coordinating with general volunteers to gather details, photos, and sign contracts ahead of next week’s accreditation issuance.

Volunteers aged 16-17 can pick up a consent form from the workforce office, have their parents or guidance sign it, and then return it to the office to be ready for volunteering during the games.

Accreditation cards for volunteers and GOC staff will be distributed starting next week.

Volunteers coordinator Donisan Kelly said “issuing of accreditation card will start off with GOC Staff on the 18th, followed by Sports volunteers on the 19th and then the general volunteers working under different functional areas on the 20th and 21st of October.”

The workforce team is organizing volunteers’ schedules, including their assigned work locations, dates, and daily shifts. There are two shifts: the first shift is from 6 am to 2 pm, and the second shift runs from 2 pm to 8 pm.” He added.

One crucial aspect of the signed contracts is the code of conduct, which offers important guidelines for their essential roles during the games.

The workforce team recruited volunteers in April, conducted training for volunteer team leaders and GOC staff in September, and is now transitioning volunteers to their designated areas.

Functional areas will now provide role-specific training for volunteers.

The workforce will play a crucial role in ensuring that volunteers arrive at the correct place and time, distributing meal cards, and looking after their well-being, even if they work in various functional areas during games time.

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