Sponsors Sponsorship Launch

Official Sponsorship Buffet Lunch: An Expression of Gratitude to Sol2023 Pacific Games Partners

Sponsors Sponsorship Launch
Presentation of Games Overview from GOC CEO Peter Stewart to Sol2023 Pacific Games Sponsors

Over 40 representatives from different company houses involved in the Sol2023 Sponsorship agreement recently gathered for an official Sponsorship Buffet Lunch at the Pacific Crown Hotel.

This event was organized by the Games Organizing Committee (GOC).

The buffet lunch serves as a meaningful gesture of appreciation for their invaluable support of the Sol2023 Pacific Games and the important roles they play for this year Sol2023 Pacific Games.

This gathering served a dual purpose: expressing gratitude for their support and disseminating crucial information about their concession spaces during the games, as well as sharing the latest updates on the preparations for the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

During the buffet lunch, CEO Peter Stewart from the GOC had the honor of presenting an overview of the games and providing sponsors with essential information.

The sponsors for this year’s Sol2023 Pacific Games are divided into different sponsorship tiers. Our Presenting Sponsors, Our Telekom and Solomon Airlines.

Joining them is Gold Partner Sponsor which is South Pacific Oil Company Limited (SPO), Silver Partner Sponsor includes Solomon Islands Postal Corporation (Solomon Post), Solomon Water, and Solomon Islands Ports Authority, Bronze Partner Sponsor includes; Solbrew Company Limited, NO1 Currency, Bank South Pacific (BSP), Gem Pro, Ricoh Printing Company, Pink South Pacific, and Unilever. Additionally, Soltuna Company Limited plays a vital role as the Official Supplier Sponsor.

This year’s Official Sponsorship Buffet Lunch marks the second collaborative gathering organized by the GOC and its valued partners.

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