Volunteer Overview

3000 plus Volunteers show up for Games briefing

Volunteer Overview
Volunteer Overview

More than 3700 General Volunteers and Community Groups turned up for a series of briefings with the Sol2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) at the National Stadium this week.

This is the very first Volunteer briefing the GOC has organized for all Games volunteers. The sessions include; a Games Overview, Volunteer, Community Groups briefing, Contract signing and Meet & Greet with all GOC functional areas.

Organized by GOC’s Workforce Team, Monday saw a total 780 Volunteers turn up. Tuesday 762, Wednesday 700, Thursday another 700+, and Friday saw another 400+ Volunteers turn up for briefings.

“This was truly a great turn up. Almost every volunteer assigned to work at the Games have turned up and signed contracts this week.

“Volunteers will be the ones helping GOC deliver a historical and memorable Pacific Games this year,” GOC Volunteer Supervisor, Donisan Kelly revealed.

Donisan added that despite the media frenzy that is potentially clouding the progress and development of the Games, the huge turnout is seen as a progress on the right track.

“We are delighted with the Volunteer turnout this week. We are also very confident that with these huge Volunteer numbers, we can definitely deliver a memorably, historical Sol2023 Pacific Games,” he said.

Despite all the negativities on social media regarding volunteers, many (both young and old) have expressed gratitude and excitement in being part of this historical event.

“We can’t wait for the Games to begin. Volunteering at such a prestigious, massive event as the Pacific Games is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many of us wouldn’t let slip by,” we’re amongst the most common feedback received from volunteers talked to.

Meanwhile Volunteer trainings for specific GOC functional areas continue next week.

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