DCM scaled | May 18, 2024

Delegates arrive for Games CDM meeting

Delegates from the Pacific Games Council (PGC) and Pacific Islands countries competing at next year’s Sol2023 Pacific Games have started arriving in the national capital for the Chef de Mission (CDM) meeting to be held from the 18th to 21st November, here in Honiara.

PGC President, Vidya Lakhan and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Minogue were the first to arrive, followed by more than 30 Chef de Missions from the 24 competing nations who will be arriving in the country during the course of this week.

Mr. Stewart said that the CDMs will be given a tour of the Games villages and venues, whilst they will also be updated on every other functional areas of the Games.

The Games Organizing Committee CEO, Peter Stewart said that the three-day meeting will be the opportunity to update the CDMs on the state and progress of preparations for next year’s Games.

Meanwhile the CDM’s meeting also coincides with the Games 1-Year-To-Go Event which will be held on 19 November, 2022 in Honiara

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