Mr. John Blom

World rank Tennis Umpire completes training for volunteers and ball kids

Mr. John Blom
Australian tennis umpire -John Blom

Australian Tennis top-ranked umpire and worldwide-ranked active chair umpire in the gold badge level, Mr. John Blom, has completed a two-day training session for volunteers and ball kids in preparation for the upcoming SOL2023 Pacific Games.

Mr. Blom was invited to be here as a representative from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and praised the top-class tennis courts at the Sport City.

“I am glad to be here as this is my first time. This facility is classic and will definitely attract big tournaments in the near future.”

He also looks forward to being here during the games in his capacity as a world-class umpire.

The training was successful as the volunteers and ball kids learned more about their specific roles on the court as linesperson and assistant umpires.

The training sessions included 22 linesperson for men and women, plus 41 ball kids.

Tennis was one of the country’s gold medal-winning sports in previous Pacific Games, and we are hopeful this round will be another counting prospectus.

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