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What to watch on Day 8

Vaa | June 16, 2024
Start the day at DC Park for va’a (free entry) and then head to National Stadium for some athletics action. Photos: Micah Alvince and Joyce Koiari, Pacific Games News Service

The Sol2023 Pacific Games action continues on day 8 (Tuesday 28 November) with the start of Taekwondo in addition to nine continuing sports.

Athletics overcame hurdles with the weather on the first day and will continue at 11am at Honiara’s National Stadium. Events on the second day include the conclusion of the women’s heptathlon and men’s decathlon, the women’s 100m, men’s 100m, men’s 100m sprint ambulant, men and women’s 100m wheelchair, plus the women’s and men’s 400m on the track. Events on the field include men’s pole vault and women’s hammer throw. A Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is needed for entry.

Athletes will re-enter the boxing ring onTuesday with fights in the men’s fly, feather, light, light middle, cruiser and super heavy weight divisions throughout the afternoon from 1pm. The women will see a fight in the light welterweight division between Solomon Islands’ Veronica Ruvah Megabule and Tahiti’s Flore Hani at 6pm. All bouts are happening at Friendship Hall and a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is needed for entry.

The netball arena at Friendship Hall will see more action on day 8 with Cook Islands v Niue the first on court at 8:30am, and matches continuing until 6pm. A Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is needed for entry.

Day 8 will see the commencement of Taekwondo, with fights in women’s weight classes at Maranatha Hall starting at 8am. Fights in men’s weight classes will begin on Wednesday, but day 8 (Tuesday) will see medals aplenty and action in women’s individual and team fights. Tickets are $30.

DC Park hosts touch rugby, which will continue on Tuesday with women’s and men’s matches starting at 8:30am. There will be plenty of fast-flowing action in pursuit of medals. Entry is free.

Also at DC Park, va’a and kayak will be the stars of the show in the water again on Tuesday. Va’a racing in outrigger canoes has long been a fan favourite at the Pacific Games, while kayak made its Pacific Games debut on Monday and will continue to attract attention on Tuesday. Both kayak and va’a start at 7:30am. Entry is free.

And in more action at DC Park and with free entry, sailing continues to bring excitement to the waters. Events run from around 10am to 4pm, subject to wind conditions.

Football returns with the all-important semi-finals in the men’s competition. New Caledonia will take on Vanuatu at 12pm at Lawson Tama, followed by Fiji v Solomon Islands at 3pm. Two big matches with a lot at stake including a potential gold medal match spot for hosts, Solomon Islands. In the women’s, Tahiti face Vanuatu at 4pm, followed by Solomon Islands v Tonga at 7pm in the playoff matches at SIFF Academy. Entry is $30 for either venue.

Tennis continues with more action across singles and doubles events. Play begins at 9am at the National Tennis Centre, where a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is needed for entry.

With so much happening on day 8 it’s hard to know where to start…or take in a selection of the above events. You won’t be disappointed!

Pacific Games News Service

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