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Ceremonies Team Wraps Mock Test for Sport City Volunteers

Ceremony Volunteers
Ceremonies Volunteers

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) has completed the mock test practices for its volunteers at all game venues, concluding on October 23rd at Sport City.

The final wrap-up session precedes the upcoming test event scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th, and Thursday, October 26th in Sport City. The Team Victory Ceremonies volunteers demonstrated a strong turnout and have been assigned teams for their mock practice tests.

During the final wrap-up of the Victory Ceremonies team, Ms. Karrie Jionisi, the Ceremonies and Culture Coordinator, emphasized the significance of today’s exercise, stating, “Today’s event at Sport City marked the final mock practice test for the Victory Ceremonies team. Its purpose was to familiarize our volunteers with the processes and procedures at all event venues, vital for the upcoming Pacific Games and medal presentations.”

She added, “Our team is well-prepared for the test event scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. This will be our first trial test at Sport City after conducting mock practice tests at various other venues. We’re committed to giving our best during the test event.”

Over the past months and weeks, other functional areas have similarly conducted training, test exercises, and other preparations for all volunteer groups in anticipation of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

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