Baton relay-Isabel Province

BATON Relay complete Isabel, NEXT UP? CIP

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The Baton completed its journey around Isabel province this week.

With merely 90 days to go before the start of the historical 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands, the Games Organizing Committee is happy to announce that the Official Games Baton has completed its journey around the countries longest island province – Isabel.

Since departing Honiara exactly 100 days away from the Games times on 11th August 2023, the Baton journeyed through Ghalata, Kolomola, Midoru and a host of other villages within the provinces’ Hograno and Bugotu districts.

It then travelled to the provincial capital Buala, before making its way to Kia island on route to the world re-known Arnavon island.

The Baton landed in its final destination, the Papatura island resort over the weekend and now is preparing to journey across to Central Islands province (CIP) tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd August, 2023).

“The team would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the provincial government and people of Isabel province for hosting us and for the hospitality rendered towards the week-long Baton relay.

“We have completed the first province in our nationwide tour schedule, nine more to go including Honiara City,” Community Engagement Coordinator and Baton Relay team leader, Jacqueline Maeli said.

Speaking on the Central Islands province (CIP) tour, Jacqueline said, “All arrangements are set and we are ready to carry the Baton across to Central Islands tomorrow.”

Meanwhile also accompanying the Baton is a signatory book produced by the Baton Relay’s major sponsors, Solomon Airlines.

“Hundreds – men, women, children have jotted down words of encouragement and signed the signatory book that we have taken with us to Isabel. We will be carrying the book also to Central Islands as part of the Baton Relay program,” she said.

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