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Tickets to watch the first sport games on sale

TICKETS@300x 100 | May 19, 2024
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Tickets for the first sports games played two days before the grand opening ceremony are also on sale at the Telekom Point Cruz branch.

They are football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. As outlined by the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) scheduling team, these sports will be played from November 17th and 18th at the following venues:

Sport City, Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Academy, and Lawson Tama. Only table tennis is non-ticketed and will be free to watch at the Honiara City Council Sport Precinct.

November 19th is the opening ceremony at the National Stadium, and competitions for all games will kick off right through December 2nd for the closing.

Games Organizing Committee (GOC) marketing Revenue Supervisor Mike Vereseni reminds the public and supporters to purchase tickets, especially for competitions hosted at the ticketed games venues.

“Although the opening will be on the 19th, preliminary matches will kick off two days earlier, so don’t miss the opportunity to watch your favorite sport from the beginning.

“Be the first to enter the new facilities and enjoy the matches. Ticket sales are picking up, and these remaining days are your chance to purchase for your family and friends,” Mr. Vereseni said.

Tickets to watch all these games cost only $30 per head, valid for one day.

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