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Sport-Specific Volunteer (SSV) Program, Managed by GOC, Successfully Completes Final Volunteer Training

Sports Volunteers
Sports Volunteers Training

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) has conducted its final training for Sport Specific Volunteers (SSVs). The training took place at the Aquatic Centre in the National Sport City.

Its purpose was to provide SSVs with timely and accurate information regarding their roles and responsibilities.

During an interview, the Sport Competition Manager, Mr. Moses Junior Aumana, emphasized the importance of SSVs performing their assigned roles and not merely being spectators.

He said, “There are different sports that will take place during the games. For example, in Karate, there will be 12 medal ceremonies after the first day and 6 medal ceremonies after the second day. We will ensure that there is a daily final briefing for each SSV’s before they go for their off-duties.”

Mr. Moses also stressed the need for volunteers to be supportive and provide proper instructions to spectators and outside officials who may be unfamiliar with the event procedures.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moses Jr. Aumana expressed confidence in the training’s outcome, believing that this short AQT Building Training would boost volunteers’ morale, increase their confidence in identifying their roles and responsibilities,

and help them become familiar with their assigned game venues. He added that his SSVs would carry out their duties effectively and diligently in preparation for the upcoming Pacific Games Sol2023.

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