GOC Women Receive Certificate

GOC Women Shine Bright with Leadership Training Achievement

GOC Women Receive Certificate
GOC Women Prepared to Receive Certificates

Thirteen women from the Games organizing committee (GOC) have earned their well-deserved certificates, marking their successful completion of the Women in Leadership Training Program.

The training was a dedicated effort to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and empower these incredible women in both their current roles and their future careers.

With the games approaching, this training comes at the perfect time to empower these women to make crucial decisions within their Functional areas.

They attended a two-week training at the GOC office despite hectic schedules.

GOC CEO Peter Stewart praised the women for their dedication to this valuable training, which will benefit them beyond the games.

He said “ the reason why you doing this is because of nation building it provides a catalyst to be able to build a capacity in every sector within the country, and one of the key areas is within the workforce ,it provides opportunity to people who working on the games to be able to further their career to develop their skills and capacity and life after the games”

Women bring to the table a whole heap of skills, expertise and approach that is different to what men or guys bring to the table, when you bring mothers into a team, they bring some common sense, sense of urgency and an ability to cope with all matters of problem and issues” he added.

Highlighting the vital role of women within the organization, program facilitator Pamela Naesol Alamu, said “ iam so grateful for the participants contribution and interaction during the training ,we are hoping that you will able to see things differently ,you will be able to be more empowered by what you learnt and this is why we have this training to empower more women to get them into senior and high level decision making position in organisations”

There is some focus on women development, covering areas like gender-based violence and financial literacy for rural women. However, Mrs. Pamela highlighted the lack of attention to the needs of professional women and women in business, which is why the organization is now providing this training.

Speaking on behalf of the GOC women who received their certificates, Alumeci Kativerata expressed gratitude to the organization, its partners, facilitators, and GOC for enabling this training. She highlighted how it empowers them in both Games planning and their future careers.

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