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Australia wins another athletics gold in women’s 400m

008A4731 | June 15, 2024
Australia’s Ellie Beer crossed the finish line well ahead of her fellow competitors. Photos: Rhianto Manuga, Pacific Games News Service

The Pacific Games women’s 400m crowned a new champion at Honiara’s National Stadium on Wednesday night in the form of Ellie Beer, a 20-year-old sensation from Australia.

With a remarkable performance and a race time of 52.67 seconds, Beer not only secured the victory but also marked her presence as a rising star in the world of track and field in the region. She led the race from the 150 metre mark and maintained her lead all the way to the finish line.

“Going into the race, there was a mix of excitement and nerves,” she told the Pacific Games News Service.

“This is my first Pacific Games and my first race in six months. So obviously going into it I was like ‘oh no, who knows what to expect?’ But you know what makes it better? Having all the girls beside me, it was really such a good environment in the call room. We just chatted about life. It made it much easier when we went out there.”

The silver medallist was Camryn Smart representing New Zealand, who also demonstrated exceptional speed and resilience throughout the race, crossing the finish line with a noteworthy time of 55.30 seconds. At the age of just 22, Smart looks like a formidable contender in the future.

Papua New Guinea’s Leonie Beu claimed bronze, finishing in 56.42 seconds, closely followed by her countrywoman Isila Apkup, who just missed out on a medal.

By Peter Psalm and Lamantha Lano, Pacific Games News Service

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