The Games Ambassadors

The Games Ambassadors

The Games Ambassadors
The Games Ambassadors Group Photo with GOC Board Chairman Martin Rara & GOC CEO Peter Stewart

It is fascinating to have met the former athletes who have represented the country in their sports for the first time and listening to their stories is very fascinating what stands out of their stories is their Passion for their Sports and truly it is worth sharing their stories to the young generation and their fans around the nine provinces of Solomon Islands.

Signing up for the SOL2023 Pacific Games for these prominent figures to share their memorable achievements Ambassadors’ programs is fitting and milestones that they have accomplished in their sporting career. on top of that the Ambassadors program is aimed at informing communities around Solomon Islands about the Games and inspiring young Solomon Islands athletes to participate and be part of sports.

The Ambassadors tour is the second phase of the community engagement strategy program which will be commencing within this month of March. The Ambassadors Program aims to reach young people in the communities and provincial centers across the nine provinces of Solomon Islands.

These former and current athletes who are the SOL2023 Ambassadors, will travel to their respective provinces to speak to people about the Pacific games, their role as a SOL2023 ambassador, their experiences, achievements and most importantly their advice to current athletes and aspiring Athletes.

The message they are carrying around Solomon Islands as ambassadors of the SOL2023 pacific games is very important to motivate young people to aspire for a career in sports.

The 10 Ambassadors comprising of retired and current local prominent sportsmen and women who will implement the programme around the country through include:

Athletics Medalists – Jim Marau, Primo Higa and Chris Votu,National Soccer Stars turned coaches – Batram Suri and Timothy Inifiri,Paralympian – Hellen Saohanga,Weightlifting Queen – Jenly Wini,Boxing Medalists – Joseph Saimei & Jay Makana,National Tennis Player/Coach – Junior Benjamin.

The Games Ambassadors tour will start this month in the Guadalcanal Province led by the country’s long-distance runner Chris Votu, who is originally from Komuvaolu in the Weathercoast Moli District.

He won Gold for the, 3,000 meters steeplechase and the 10,000 meter Track race in 2009 South Pacific Games in Cook Islands.

GOC officially launched the Sol2023 Games Ambassadors Program recently as Part of its Community Engagement towards Games Time!

The Games Ambassadors advocates the pathway that young Solomon Islanders can achieve and aspire to become int their sports careers.

The 17th Pacific Games, SOL2023, will be hosted in Solomon Islands from November 19 – December 2, 2023.

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