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GOC hold mock competition for Judo athletes and volunteers

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Participants of the mock Judo competition on Sunday.

The 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) have over the weekend held a mock Judo competition for local athletes and Games Sports Specific Volunteers at the Friendship Hall.

Technical Delegate for Judo, Joseteki Naulu teamed up with the GOC’s Sports Delivery Team to organise the mock event as a means of preparing its volunteers better understand their roles and functions during Games time.

“The purpose of having this mock event is to help our sports specific volunteers better understand their roles, have a glimpse of what to expect, where to position themselves and see if there are risks and challenges that may come up during competitions this year.

“It is good that we have our volunteers here now to see and feel what it will be like at the Games,” GOC Sports Cluster Manager, Genevieve Keleni said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Joseteki Naulu when asked to comment on the event.

“I think having this organized here and now is good preparation for the Games. It is good to have the volunteers here and most importantly the athletes who turned up to assist in this simulation competition session.”

Meanwhile more than 20 local Judo athletes turned up for the mock competition.

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