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PM Receives Australia – Funded ‘Iumi Water Sports Park’

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The Iumi Water Sports Park’ at Henderson has been officially handed over to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister and Minister for the 2023 Pacific Games, Hon. Manasseh Damukana Sogavare by the Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Rod Hilton on September 5, 2023.

The Iumi Water Sports Park is funded by the Australian government at a cost SBD 4.3 million dollars and is part of Australia’s support to the Solomon Islands Government for the 2023 Pacific Games. The open water facility will be used specifically for water sports such as kayaking, sailing and others.

Iumi Water Sports Park is only one component part of Australia’s AUD17 million support to the 2023 Pacific Games. All events that will be hosted at this venue during the Games will be free to the public.

This significant infrastructure project provides enhanced facilities for our community and sports enthusiasts. It elevates Solomon Islands’ recreational offerings and improves overall accessibility for athletes during the Games.

The scope of work for this ambitious endeavor encompasses various aspects, each contributing to the overall transformation of the area. These include:
• Construction of Boat Storage Building: A pre-fabricated storage facility has been built to provide a secure and efficient space for boat owners to store outrigger/va’a canoes when not in use.
• Ablution Block: The construction of a modern ablution block ensures that visitors to the facility have access to clean and well-maintained restroom facilities.
• Fencing: A robust fencing system has been put in place to enhance security and delineate the area effectively.
• Installation of Security Lights: Security lighting has been strategically installed across the premises to ensure visitor safety.
• Installation of Borehole: A borehole water supply has been drilled and installed, ensuring a sustainable and reliable water supply for the facility.
• UXO Survey: The initial phase of the project involved a comprehensive Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey to ensure the safety of the construction process.
• Construction of Access Road: An access road has been built to provide easy and convenient entry to the site.
• Finishing Works: Ongoing finishing works are being carried out to meticulously refine and beautify the entire site.

This substantial investment has been made possible through a grant from the Australian Government, reflecting their commitment to fostering community development and recreational opportunities.

The success of this project would not have been possible without the collaboration and dedicated efforts of various contractors and sub-contractors. Each entity has played a crucial role in ensuring the high quality and timely execution of their designated tasks. The specific contractors and their contributions are as follow:
• LCJ Consultancy Company Ltd: Topographic Survey
• Azimuth Surveys Ltd: UXO Survey
• W.L Consultancy: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Sustainable Resource Management Ltd: Road Works
• Mountol Enterprises and Motawa Enterprises: Construction of Boat Storage Facility and Ablution Block respectively
• Wan Build Construction: Fabrication of Office Spaces
• STM Construction: Installation of Security Lighting
• B2 Construction: Drilling and Installation of Borehole Water Supply

There are also plans for the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) to install a wheelchair ramp, further enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of the site for all visitors.

As we reach the finishing line of this remarkable endeavor, we extend our gratitude to Australia, the Guadalcanal chiefs and landowners, the contractors, sub-contractors, and the entire community for their support and enthusiasm throughout this project. We anticipate that the enhanced facilities will contribute significantly to the well-being and enjoyment of all who engage with this space.

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