Honiara City

Solomon Power to install additional street lights

Honiara City
Honiara City

The Government is working closely with Solomon Power to ensure that additional lighting is installed along the main highway and streets of Honiara as we near the Pacific Games next month.

Task force team leader of the Government Services Integrated Committee (GSIC), Mr. Leonard Ofainuú, said during Sunday’s talkback show that the objective is to lighten up dark sports along the main highway and streets.

He said the Office of the Prime Minister, the National Hosting Authority, and Solomon Power are working closely to have additional street lights upped on the main highway from Henderson to Sports City and further down towards the central business district.

“Solomon Power teams will repair and install additional lights along the roads and so to ensure security and drivers safety at night is enhanced.”

He added that the city’s beautification and greening along the main highway from Henderson to Sport City have been contracted out and are progressing well.

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