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Games Ambassadors tour progressing well

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Sol2023 PG Ambassador Hellen Saohanga posing with kids in Bellona during the tour.

The Games Ambassadors tours around Solomon Islands is progressing well.

Part of the Sol2023 Pacific Games Community Engagement Program, the month of June has seen tours cover Central Islands and Rennell & Bellona provinces respectively.

The Central Islands tour covered a total 10 communities, schools and villages. They include; Tulagi, McMahon School, Hagalu School, Halavo School, Taroniara School, Siota Provincial Secondary School, Boromole School, Savo island, Paibeta School and Kalaka School. On tour to Central Islands province (CIP) was Games Ambassador and former national football rep and coach, Timothy Inifiri.

Upon the teams return from CIP, they then headed for Rennell and Bellona with Games Ambassador and former Paralympian Hellen Saohanga leading the team.The tour covered; Lake Tengano and Hutuna villages in East Rennell and then across to Aotaha and other communities within East, Central and West Bellona.

“Both tours have been a success. The reception, hospitality and support we received from communities and the people in these provinces was astounding. Both our Ambassadors did a great job in promoting sports and the Games this year,” Jacqueline Maeli, GOC’s Community Engagement Coordinator revealed.

Meanwhile the tour is currently in Isabel province this week.

Led by local Boxing Great and Games Ambassador Jay Makana, they have since Monday visited Allardyce, Lilika and Kia schools. Today the team is in Samasodu village.

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