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150 selected Community Groups to be announced this month

The 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) will officially announce up 150 selected groups that will be part of the Games Community Service Program this month.

The GOC’s Workforce Manager, Reenah Numaralai confirmed that out of 600 plus group applications, the GOC has thus far selected 145 groups, with the number expected to increase to 150 before 15th September, when contract signings and official announcements will be made.

“We are in the process of finalising the list of 150 successful groups from the 600 plus applications we have received. Once we have the list finalised, our team will then begin contacting these groups by 15th September. We will also make an official announcement of the successful groups by then,” Reenah said.

She added that GOC acknowledges all groups who have submitted their applications for this program.

“We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all community groups that dedicated their time, effort to submit applications for the community group initiative. You unwavering support and enthusiasm have greatly contributed to the success of this endeavour,” Reenah said.

Meanwhile a totally of four community groups have since July signed contracts and started working with the GOC’s Logistics and Clean and Waste teams.

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