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Workers look forward to Sol2023

Locals working at various Games venues and villages currently under construction are looking forward to the completion of these facilities and seeing the successful staging of a historical Sol2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, this year.

The Games will see a total 24 Pacific Island countries and territories compete in 24 sports competitions over two weeks, from 19th November to 2nd December.

A total 11 Games venues are currently under construction, including five schools and institutions that are being refurbished to accommodate the 5000 athletes and officials who will be in Honiara for the Games.

During a brief site visit this week, the Games Organizing Committee’s Media team briefly chatted with locals involved in the construction of these sites.

“Being involved in this project from the start, seeing the development that has come about is indeed exciting and motivating for us.

“Apart from just working every day, trying to earn a living for ourselves and our families, we are all excited to see this project completed and look forward to our country hosting a successful Sol2023 Pacific Games,” a group of workers at the newly built SIFF Academy said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by others working at other Games venues and villages, many of whom said they are motivated to helping see these sites completed before the start of the Games.

“The Sol2023 Games is truly a historical event. Just look at the size of these venue (national stadium) and the work that has been and is going to be done.

“We are motivated and we are doing our best to work quickly to complete our tasks the best we can, so that we can witness the Games first hand in these new venues,” a group of locals working at the national stadium said.

GOC Media Officer Ezmie Oge said that it is encouraging to see many locals involved and committed in ensuring that preparations are well underway and on track.

She added that it was also refreshing to see many of the workers having a sense of pride in being part of the project – something that will be of great significance to Solomon Islands in the long run.

“A good number of the workers I interviewed are even from nearby provinces such as Central Islands and Malaita, who are here not only to find a job but most importantly to be part of building a new historical era for Solomon Islands.

“Despite the workload and the timeframe, we are all faced with before the start of Sol2023, it is good seeing Solomon Islanders engaging, participating and putting in a great deal of effort in seeing Solomon Islands delivers the best Pacific Games we can deliver this year.”

Meanwhile all Games Facilities are expected to be completed and handed over to the National Hosting Authority (NHA) by the end of August, 2023.

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