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Don’t Miss Out! Sol2023 Pacific Games Tickets Available Now

IMG 20231019 WA0029 | April 14, 2024
Games ticket now on sale at Our Telekom Point Cruz Office

Tickets for the 2023 Pacific Games are available for purchase at the Our Telekom office in Point Cruz.

Opening ceremony tickets are in high demand, with an overwhelming number of orders pouring in from both the GOC partners and the general public, all eager to secure their seats for this grand event.

The stadium can only hold 10,000 spectators, and it’s expected to be fully packed because most people are rushing to buy tickets for the opening ceremony.

Next week, two additional outlets will start selling tickets for the games. You can purchase tickets at Solomon Post (Point Cruz) and Ausmart Company Limited – Town Ground.

Mr. Maxwell Haron, GOC Ticketing Officer said, “these ticketing booths are for walk-in customers who wish to purchase tickets for the games. GOC recommends three sales outlets where customers can get tickets from, they are: Ausmart shop, Telekom Phone shop (Point Cruz), and Solomon Postal Agency (Point Cruz).”

Ticket sales will be managed by GOC’s ticketing sales clerks stationed within these outlets” Maxwell added.

All tickets available in the market feature robust security measures, making it extremely difficult for anyone to duplicate them. Unauthorized copies will not be accepted at the competition venue entrances, and GOC will not be held responsible for any resulting inconveniences.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that individuals secure their tickets by visiting the recommended sales outlets or by filling out the ticket order form and submitting it to GOC for ticket purchase before the Games. Ticket sales will continue until the 16th of November, just before the opening ceremony on the 19th of November.

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