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Sol2023 Games Shop is opening this week at Ausmart Town Ground

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Sol2023 Games Shop at Ausmart

With just 62 days way from the opening ceremony the Games Organising Committee is gearing up for an exciting event this week.

GOC will be launching the Sol2023 Games Shop on Wednesday 20th September 2023.

The Games shop will be a vibrant place where public can immerse themselves in the spirit of the Games and have the opportunity to buy merchandise that will add a delightful touch to the upcoming Pacific Games.

The grand opening of the Games Shop is scheduled to take place at the Ausmart shop, conveniently located at Town Ground.

Currently the Games Shop is buzzing with excitement, offering a wide variety of items for everyone. From school and office supplies to cool games souvenirs, our shelves are packed with great choices.

Owner of Ausmart Company Limited, Ken Yee, said “It’s a privilege and I am very delighted to be awarded as merchandise producer for the Sol2023 merchandise distributors.

variety of merchandise now available in our shop, and more are yet to arrive in their next shipment this month’s” he added

Donnalee Vozoto, GOC Merchandise officer said,” now that the games shop will open, I encourage the public to come to Ausmart and get any souvenir of the games for themselves and their loved ones,

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inside Games Shop -Ausmart Town Ground

Getting a merchandise for yourself is a good thing because it will be a memorable item you will keep even after the games”

Ausmart and GOC staff are putting in relentless efforts to ensure the successful preparation and Organisation of merchandise for the launch, this merchandise will not only be prepared in advance for the launch but will also be readily available at the Sports City during games.

This ensures that athletes and spectators alike will have convenient access to a wide range of merchandise, allowing them to commemorate the event and show their support for the games.

The Games Organising Committee Board chairman Martin Rara and Owner of Ausmart Company Limited, Ken Yee will officiate at the launch.

Ausmart Company Limited is the official merchandise provider for the Sol2023 Pacific Games, a designation made official in May of this year.

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