Pacific Sport Interview

Pacific Sports Conducts Interviews with Game Volunteers and Remarkable Individuals for their Upcoming Pacific Sports Episode

Pacific Sport Interview
Games News Service (GNS) Volunteer Lamantha Lano Interviewed by the Host of Pacific Sports Show, Mrs. Anna-Liza Mopio-Jane.

A team of six individuals from the Pacific Sports Show is currently in Honiara, where they are conducting interviews with GOC staff, games volunteers, Sol2023 ambassador, and various other individuals and locations that will be showcased in their upcoming program.

Today, the team interviewed Luke Paeni from the GOC sports delivery team, Games News Service (GNS) volunteer Lamantha Lano, and the country’s former boxing gold medalist, who is now a Sol2023 ambassador, Mr. Jay Makana.

Lamantha Lano was thrilled to meet Mrs. Anna-Liza Mopio-Jane, a former swimmer and medalist in the 2015 Pacific Games in PNG, who is now one of the hosts of the Pacific Sports Show.

She said, “I was glad to be featured on the Pacific sports show. I’m excited to share my experience as a volunteer for the Pacific Games and let everyone knows that our country is eagerly awaiting the big event unfolding on November 19.”

Anna-Liza Mopio Jane expressed her heartfelt joy of visiting the Solomon Islands for the very first time. She further shared her enthusiasm for the opportunity this journey brings, enabling her to explore other beautiful Pacific nations and engage in delightful conversations with athletes, relishing the chance to hear their inspiring stories.

Anna-Liza Mopio Jane mentioned that the episode they filmed here will be shown on Pacific Sport later this month, just before the 17th Pacific Games begin.

The team will do interviews and visit different sites this week before they head back to Australia over the weekend.

The Pacific Sports Show is where they share amazing stories and impressive sports achievements of athletes with Pacific Island heritage, whether from Australia or anywhere else in the world.

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