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Local officials dive into Training for SoL2023 Pacific Games Swimming competition

Swimming Training
Local technical Officials for sport swimming

A total of 23 National Technical Officials from the Solomon Island Swimming Federation recently participated in a three-day training program focused on water sport swimming.

The training session was conducted under the guidance of Ryan Arblaster from World Aquatics. The primary objective of this training is to ensure the renewal, enhancement, and to certify the Officials to be well equipped and qualified to officiate at this year’s Sol2023 pacific game swimming competition.

This training is also essential for the National Technical Officials (NTOs) because it empowers them to oversee the event effectively. It also educates them on their specific game-day responsibilities and ensures they conduct themselves professionally following the World Aquatics officiating protocols.

GOC Sports delivery competition Manager Cindy Aungarima said “I would like to thank GOC for supporting this course, which is really helpful to the NTO’s so they can deliver well at the Games come November and also in any water sport competition we might have in the future.”

She also thanked World Aquatics for approving their request to include this course in the Development Program for the Solomon Island Swimming Federation. It’s perfectly timed to ensure our local National Technical Officials are well-prepared for the Sol2023 Games.

a similar training program was conducted in march by World Aquatics for local officials who will oversee the open water sports in the upcoming Sol2023 Pacific Games.

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