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SolTuna, officially a Sol2023 PG Sponsor

SolTuna is the latest Official Sponsor of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

The official signing and announcement of the sponsor-partnership between SolTuna and the 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) was announced at a press conference in Honiara today (Wednesday 3rd May, 2023).

The sponsorship in kind, worth $500,000 (SBD) gives SolTuna exclusive rights as the Official Supplier of Canned Tuna for the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

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SOLO the Mascot, presenting the Games Sponsorship Certificate to Mr Harry and Mr Alexander at the event.
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SolTuna Sales and Marketing Manager, Kenwood Harry.
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GOC Chief Executive Peter Stewart giving his remarks at the sponsorship announcement.

“As an official sponsor, we will provide around $500,000 worth of Canned Tuna during the Sol2023 Pacific Games. This is roughly about 1,400 cartons of Tuna available to athletes and officials attending the Games.

“One of our main marketing objectives is to ensure that our products are tasted and richly enjoyed by all athletes and officials from all participating countries here for the Games. In that way we can expand our market and in turn contribute more to the economy of our country,” SolTuna Sales and Marketing Manager, Kenwood Harry said.

Mr Harry said that SolTuna recognizes the significance and magnitude of the Games to Solomon Islands, and the importance of being part of such a historical event.

“SolTuna wants to build the partnership with GOC through the sponsorship, whilst at the same time acknowledged GOC for the opportunity to partner with the Games.

“The sponsorship is something we want to bring back to the Communities. We want to build the partnership with GOC and at the same time thank GOC for having us as partners of Sol2023.

“This is the biggest Games our country will have ever host, so we want to ensure that we are part of it,” Kenwood said.

The GOC’s Chief Executive, Peter Stewart responded, “We are so excited to have SolTuna as part of our Corporate Partnership team.

“The Games is going to be the largest event ever to be hosted here in Solomon Islands. It is going to be a nation changing event so we are really pleased to have SolTuna onboard with the Games.”

Mr Stewart said that having such iconic brand as SolTuna partnering with the Games is an added bonus to Sol2023.

“The link between an iconic brand, a wonderful product and the experience of a wonderful games is something we think is a really good fit for us. It will help us achieve some of that whoa factor associated with the Games.

“We are keen to work with SolTuna to help spread the brand throughout the Pacific – the Tuna packs provided to us by SolTuna will be made available to all of our athletes, officials and workforce during the Games period,” Mr Stewart said.

Meanwhile as part of the sponsorship, SolTuna will provide a total 1,415 cartons of Chillie Tuna (worth $500,000 (SBD) to feed 5,000 athletes and officials and 3000 Games Workforce during Games time.

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