Pink South Pacific

Installation of (AED) at Henderson Airport to Enhance Life-Saving Measures

Pink South Pacific Installation of AED Machine

The Pink South Pacific, in collaboration with Solomon Airlines, has successfully installed an automated external defibrillator (AED) at the Honiara Domestic and International Arrivals Terminal.

This significant event took place earlier this week, with Solo, the mascot, also in attendance to witness the occasion.

the importance of the AED machine it administers an electric shock to the body, facilitating the restoration of normal heart rhythm. Thanks to the generous donation by Pink South Pacific, Another AED machine is scheduled to be installed at the International Departure Terminal, with further plans to install one at Munda Airport in the near future.

The inclusion of this machine will play a crucial role during emergencies such as heart attacks and other injuries. Generously donated by Pink South Pacific to the people of the Solomon Islands.

Pink Director for the South Pacific, Mr. Rik Trotter said, “the important thing is we’ve got people train throughout Honiara at the moment, all staff members of pink have been correctly train in the use of the AED machine.

Consequently, this machine will prove beneficial not only during the upcoming Pacific games but also in post-game scenarios, ensuring that anyone present at the airport can operate the AED machine should an incident occur.”

To further enhance emergency response capabilities, Solomon Airlines will train their personnel in the operation of the AED machine. This initiative aims to prepare and equip staff members to effectively handle any potential incidents that may arise at the airport.

Mrs. Betty from the Ministry of Communication and Aviation expressed heartfelt thanks to Pink South Pacific for their generous donation of a life-saving automated external defibrillator (AED) machine in the Solomon Islands. She highlighted the importance of the AED in promptly assisting people during heart attacks and other emergencies at the airport.

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