Olympic day June 23rd 2023

Celebrating Olympic Day with Thrilling Fun with SOLO the Games Mascot

Solo at Olympic Day Event

Today, is Olympic Day, an occasion that holds great significance worldwide.

The Solomon Island Institute of Sports (SINIS) hosted the celebratory event, in which Solo, the official mascot of the games, also took part. The theme of 2023 is, “Let’s Move!”

The event commenced with a vibrant parade from Friendship Hall to SINIS Ground, featuring enthusiastic participants from various sports federations who gathered to honor Olympic Day.

During the event, Martin Rara, the President of the National Olympic Committee of the Solomon Islands (NOCSI), expressed that this day symbolizes the unifying power of sport,

He said “we come to mark and celebrate an industry in uniting people and the way of life sport is a tool that bridges gap, reaches deep and high above the mountains today is more fitting to announce the global sport theme which is ” let’s move”.
Meaning, it is an inclusive move it is a move the leaves no one behind we must match on together as a team this is a cooperation, we need to move on advance together.

This is very much significant as we match to November 19, we must rise up together, because together we can achieve more, this day reminds us that we are not alone but we are members of a global family,” he added.

The event was full with enjoyable games and activities. Solo the Games Mascot, enthusiastically participated in the Zumba Session, alongside Eve’s Zumba Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle. This year’s celebration, in line with the “Let’s Move” theme, diverged from previous traditions. While Olympic sports have historically been the sole focus of the event, this year’s participation included athletes from other sports federations, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive gathering.

Furthermore, Tony Lomo, the Chairman of the Athlete Commission of NOCSI, expressed gratitude towards stakeholders such as SINIS, the Games Organising Committee (GOC), the National Hosting Authority (NHA), and the National Sports Council (NSC). Their invaluable support and contributions played a pivotal role in today’s Olympic Day festivities.

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