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The National Stadium
The National Stadium – photo credit : Jasper Highwood

The National Stadium which will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of the 17th Pacific Games in Honiara on the 19th November to 2nd December is evolving into a stunning structure.

A picture of the Stadium which has a sitting capacity of 10,000, posted on social media platforms, has attracted positive feedback and compliments.

The 2023 Pacific Games is slowly approaching, and the China-aid stadium project is in full swing. So far, under the day and night work of the builders of China and Solomon Islands.

the installation of the membrane structure of the main stadium, the planting of football field lawns, and the construction of asphalt concrete for the runway have been completed according to 2023 Pacific Games Stadium Project.

Located on the eastern side of the Capital, Honiara, and nicknamed the “Sports City, “Within the “sports city” are other facilities such as a tennis court center, Aquatic center, a hockey training field, Catering/Dinning Hall and office spaces.

The stadium is built by the China civil Engineering and construction company (CCECC) and is expected to be completed in July of this year, 2023.

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