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GOC condemns unauthorized publication & distribution of Games application forms

The Sol2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) strongly condemns the unauthorized publication and distribution of Games Community Group Registration Forms throughout Honiara City, the past few weeks.

This came amid claims that certain individuals are going around Honiara, promising people of getting hired by the GOC and then charging fees for the Community Group application forms.

This was even after the closing date for applications on the 23rd of last month (June).

Workforce Services Manager, Reenah Numaralai said, “We heard that there may be one or two people out there who are selling the Community Group application forms to the public.

“Forms that we have made available and free to the public to complete and submit back to us are being sold. They are being sold out there for some price.

“People are charging groups or individuals to come onboard and sign up with their groups and get contracted work by the GOC.

“I can clearly state here that this is not enforced by the GOC nor is it enforced by the Workforce component of the GOC,” she said.

Ms Numaralai urged the public to report any individual(s) found selling these forms to the GOC or to Police so that they may be prosecuted.

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