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Fairyland Restaurant is the Games Master Caterer

352227107 1895762850805002 6445460550590524130 n | July 7, 2024

The 2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) is pleased to announce that local catering service provider, Fairyland (Jinas) Restaurant is the official Master Caterer for this year’s Sol2023 Pacific Games.

The contract signing between the two parties was officially announced in Honiara, 8th June 2023.

As per the contract and as the Games Master Catering service provider, Fairyland Restaurant will plan, deliver and manage all catering services at the Athlete Main Dining Hall (KGVI Sixth) for the Sol2023 Pacific Games – commencing 14th November to 6th December, 2023.

This will include the provision of 140,000 meals at the Main Dining Hall for athletes, team officials, technical officials, broadcasters and catering workforce during Games time.

Fairyland Restaurant will also be responsible for procuring ingredients from both local and international suppliers to meet operational standards.

“Fairyland Restaurant’s mission is to create delicious food that leads to memorable experiences for all our clients, and our mission is to provide great culinary delights, support and care to all those whom we serve.

“We are grateful for the trust bestowed upon us to be the Games Master Catering Service provider – we are confident we can and will deliver.

“We will also be working closely with both local and international suppliers to meet operational standards required by the Games,” Malissa Lam, speaking on the company’s behalf said.

Fairyland Restaurant also announced that they will be recruiting more than 400 people to be part of the team for this year’s Games.

Meanwhile, GOC Board Chairman Martin Rara commended Fairyland Restaurant for signing up and coming on board with the Games.

“GOC applaud you (Fairyland Restaurant) for undertaking one of the most important roles in the Sol2023 Pacific Games. We are confident you will help us deliver the best Pacific Games Solomon Islands can deliver, this year in Honiara,” Mr Rara said.

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