GOC Meeting with Diplomats

GOC presents detailed Games overview to diplomats

GOC Meeting with Diplomats
GOC presents Games overview to Diplomats at Heritage Park hotel

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) had the honor of presenting an overview of the games to diplomats in Honiara, allowing them to gain valuable insights into the Pacific Games.

GOC CEO Peter Stewart had the privilege of presenting the games overview to diplomats at the Heritage Park Hotel.

His presentation of the overview overs various aspects, including the, 2023 games structure, Legacy benefits to Solomon Islands, sports program, sports complex, games services, the process, police and security, teams and country, community engagement, Games protocols, games medical, and safety, among others.

Speaking during his opening remarks GOC CEO Peter Stewart said “ at every games its different and every games needs to be uniquely from the nation that is hosting the games and so you could never assume that things that have done in previous games are how you going to do things in the next games ,so there should be a unique Solomon island games as it exactly it should be.”

Furthermore, it was important to inform the diplomats that the Games Organizing Committee (GOC), in collaboration with a wide range of partners, is responsible for successfully delivering the games.

During his presentation, he also provided insights into the game’s tickets for the diplomats in attendance.

Since the games ticket launch is on October 16, this meeting was the perfect time to introduce the order forms for booking tickets to the Pacific Games.

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