Acrreditation with QR Code

Sol2023 Pacific Games Breaks Ground with Electronic Notice Board for All Games Officials

Acrreditation with QR Code
Accreditation with QR Code

The Sol2023 Pacific Games marks a historic first, implementing Quick Response (QR) code accreditation passes for the Pacific games.

The QR code scanning serves as an efficient means to promptly communicate crucial announcements, functioning as the electronic notice board for the games.

The electronic notice board serves as a crucial platform during games time to athletes, team officials, games officials, GOC staff, and the GOC workforce team.

The GOC IT Coordinator, Terence Maelagi, said, “This electronic notice board was made purposefully for GOC staff, team officials, athletes, volunteers, and others who were accredited to work during the games.

“This Electronic Notice Board is part of the Sol2023 website; it’s just that you don’t click to open; only those that have QR codes can scan and see all the updates needed,” said the IT Coordinator.

“All you need to do is just scan the QR code, and all the information regarding the Sol 2023 Pacific Games will be provided.”

The QR code scan is affixed to the reverse side of all accreditation cards or identification cards.

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