“ Limited Availability: Over 1,000 Opening Ceremony Tickets Now on Sale”

winner of opening ceremony ticket

As we are just 11 days away from the start of the sol2023 Pacific Games.

Ticket sales are still ongoing, particularly for the opening ceremonies and general admissions.

Mr. Clifton Koito, speaking on behalf of the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) Marketing Revenue team, mentioned that, “game tickets continue to sell rapidly, with our team averaging a minimum of 400 – 500 tickets sold per day in the past three weeks. We anticipate that all game tickets will be sold out in the upcoming final weeks.

“As for opening ceremony tickets, only 1,000-plus tickets remain. We urge the public to act quickly as these tickets are now in limited supply”, Mr. Koito said.

According to the GOC ticketing team, all opening ceremony tickets will be sold out by the end of this week.

Meanwhile, you can still get general admission tickets to watch all the games for just $30 per person per day at the Telekom Phone Shop.

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