Ceremony rehearsal

Rehearsals commence at NST ahead of the Opening Ceremony

Ceremony rehearsal

A series of rehearsals are currently underway at the national stadium as the venue is all geared up for the grand opening ceremony of the SOL 2023 XVII Pacific Games this Sunday, November 19th.

The Dreamcast Theater group has engaged a throng of mostly young people and continues their rehearsals throughout the week.

Also, the spectator services team held their briefing and ran with their volunteers to manage the flow of spectators, oversee seating arrangements, crowd control, and ticketing.

Game Organizing Committee Spectator Service Supervisor Rob Dorovolomo said volunteer groups are so supportive and easily pick up their designated tasks and what to expect during the drills.

“Important things are practiced and timing to deliver services during the game competitions and ensure all other functional areas roles augment each other.”

“These drills are conducted for all game venues,” Mr. Dorovolomo said.

Other functional areas have also conducted dry runs for their volunteers in the past few weeks as they become familiar with their working areas and the expected turn-of-the-game events.

In the meantime, work on preparing the main stage, sound system, fireworks, broadcasting, and other services is expected to continue through the week under the careful supervision of the Games Organizing Committee ceremony team.

The game ambience is flaring up in Honiara as contingents arrive and tickets for the opening are all sold out.

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