Secondees Meeting

130 SIG & SOE Secondees soon to join Games Workforce

GOC Staff meeting

Up to 130 staff from the SIG (Solomon Islands Government) and SOE (State-Owned Enterprises) look set to join the Sol2023 Pacific Games Organizing Committee (GOC) Collective Workforce next month.

Cabinet last month approved the Secondment of 130 staff from various Government Ministries and SOEs to be assigned roles and assist all GOC functional areas deliver a successful Sol2023 Pacific Games this year.

GOC’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Stewart confirmed that the GOC’s Human Resource team is working closely with the Ministry of Public Service to help recruit, induct and train these staff.

“Our team is working closely with the responsible Ministry and we hope these Secondees can be embedded within the GOC by the end of July,” Peter said.

A majority of these Secondees are expected to be handed team leader roles to assist in recruiting, training and managing the 3000 plus Games Volunteers.

Meanwhile the GOC will this month be provided with a list of Secondees for this year’s Sol2023 Pacific Games.

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