Safe & Green Launch


The National Hosting Authority (NHA) has applauded Honiara residents for the support shown and rendered towards the Government in the drive to clean-up and beautify Honiara City for this year’s Sol2023 Pacific Games.

Since the launch of the ‘Safe & Green Games’ Strategy on Friday March 3rd, residents representing different sectors of and within the City have actively taken part in the Keep Honiara Clean Campaign.

The Safe and Green Games Strategy is ‘a whole of society,’ plan that provides a platform for the National Government, the Honiara City Council, the Guadalcanal Provincial Government, the Private Sector, Churches, Schools, Civil Society Organizations, Community Groups and Individual households to unite as one team for one common purpose – to clean, beautify and keep Honiara City Safe and Clean for the Games.

NHA Board Chair, Dr Jimmie Rodgers thanked the nation, particularly Honiara residents for supporting and getting on board with the Games through this campaign.

“I would like to convey our thanks to the nation, to the government, to the public – particularly the public here in Honiara – they have come on board with the ‘Keep Honiara Clean’ campaign.

“To all those public servants and private sectors – we would like to thank you all.
“Thank you, Honiara City Council, for ensuring and making sure that our drive to make and keep our City clean is achieved.”

Dr Rodgers said that it is encouraging to see Solomon Islanders take pride and ownership of the City by helping keep it clean in the lead up to the Games.

He added that it is equally important to maintain this during and after the Games.

“When people come to this country, they will not only be focusing on the Games, they will not just be focusing on medals – they’ll be reporting either how dirty or how clean this City is. This will also determine how we promote our tourism industry.

“Therefore it is very important that we the public of Honiara, the public of Solomon Islands continue to take pride and have ownership over our City, because the only way we can have others enjoy and be proud of it as we do is to make sure that it is clean, beautiful and safe for when our Pacific Islands athletes come in,” Dr Rodgers said.

Meanwhile the Keep Honiara Clean campaign continues in Honiara, with all sectors assigned various clean up zones that they tend to every Friday. This will continue until Games time.

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