test match at Friendship Hall

Test Matches at Friendship Hall

Test Match at Friendship Hall
Test Match at Friendship Hall

Three sports teams successfully conducted their test matches at the Friendship Hall last Friday.

They are netball, volleyball, and basketball.

This test match is important for both the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS) and the friendship hall staff manned by the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) and National Hosting Authority (NHA).

Friendship Hall venue coordinator Charles Olovikabo said the test matches provide a window for their preparedness and checking of all the facility’s functioning systems and the relevant functional areas operational at the venue.

These include security checks, sound systems, cleaning and waste management systems, spectator services, broadcast, sports, the technology work force, including volunteers, transport, press operations, and others.

“We plan to host the final test event at the end of October.

“Most important is sound-level testing, as games will happen concurrently in the three courts inside the hall.

Test Match at Friendship Hall
Test Match at Friendship Hall

“Test matches will see if there is a need for adjustment, such as a whistle blown, from all courts and try to avoid its impact on the other games played on the next court.

“So, after the test matches, it will give us a feel of the real games coming next month,” Mr. Olovikabo said.

The test is also an opportunity for volunteers and National Tech Officials (NTOs) on the bench to familiarize themselves in preparation for the main games.

He added that they are planning to install an additional 500 seats to supplement the current 1500 seats as spectator numbers will increase during the games.

Volleyball and basketball will be the first sports games to be played at the Friendship starting on November 17th, followed by boxing and netball games on November 27th.

The medal presentation for the final matches will also be staged inside the hall.

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