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GOC Media launch “Are You Ready! awareness campaign


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GOC’s Coordinator for Ceremonies Mrs. Kerrie Jionisi at Central Market Conducting “Are you ready ” Campaign.

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) has launched its ‘Are You Ready? Sol2023 Pacific Games Awareness Campaign this month (February).

“Are You Ready? is a social media awareness strategy specifically designed and dedicated to promoting, advocating and educating the general public about the Sol2023 Pacific Games set to kick off in Honiara from 19 November to 2nd, December.

This approach incorporates awareness, advocacy and entertainment as its key means of raising Games awareness – through a wide range of social media formats (contents) publishable and disseminated on all available Games social media platforms.

These include the following;

• Are You Ready! (Public informational & Entertainment) – a series of pre-recorded social media videos that features unstructured interviews conducted with people on the streets of Honiara about the 2023 Pacific Games

• GOC Q&A Podcast (Public Informational) – a series of pre-recorded social media videos that look into the most frequently asked questions about Games, and whereby a panel made up of GOC staff from different functional areas discuss and answer these questions.

• The Games Diary (Public Informational) – a series of pre-recorded videos that features talk back shows, one-on-one interviews, important information, promotional and announcements from the different functional areas involved in the delivery of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

GOC Communications Coordinator, Jeremy Inifiri explained that the objective of this campaign is to share public information and raise awareness on all aspects of the Games.

“As part of GOC’s Communication Strategy, this campaign’s objective is to share important public information, raise awareness, educate and improve people’s understanding of the Games and the opportunities that come with it.

“It focuses on informing, interacting and engaging with Solomon Islanders both in urban and rural areas through the use of popular social media hubs as Facebook, YouTube and the Sol2023 Pacific Games Official website.”

He said that their target audiences will be audiences living abroad, those residing in Honiara and audiences in the provinces – with the aim being to get all Solomon Islands onboard and involved with the Games.

“The core gist of this approach is to be informative, interactive and entertaining – all at the same time.

“It informs, it entertains and at the same time provides the avenue whereby valuable constructive public feedback can be obtained and used as part of the GOC’s planning, preparations and successful delivery of the Sol2023 Pacific Games,” he said.

Mr Inifiri added that this awareness campaign also provides news opportunities for both local and international media news agencies.

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