GOC and Unicef Training with Volunteers for Sol2023

GOC and UNICEF Conclude Child Risk Workshop for Sol2023 Pacific Games

GOC and Unicef Training with Volunteers for Sol2023
UNICEF and GOC conduct workshop for participants for Sol2023 pacific games

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC), collaboratively with UNICEF, successfully held a child risk mitigation activity training as part of the preparation plan for the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

The two-day training was intended to train the local security firms and supervisors, medical team officials, and volunteer team leaders to familiarize themselves with relevant procedures relating to child protection and safeguarding issues.

The UNICEF Child Protection Officer, Sonya Mara, said the importance of this training is to raise awareness about the local referral pathways.

She added that the training will also raise awareness about the local referral pathway and reporting mechanism for child protection and gender-based violence, both within the game’s venues, athlete villages, and outside.

The GOC Public Health Coordinator, Pamela Isarongo, acknowledges the UNICEF team for facilitating the training as one important key area to consider as we prepare for the major event.

She added that, as it is part of the GOC code and conduct of all volunteers in their signed contracts, they need to be trained and receive first-hand information before responding to any child protection issues during games.

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