Two provinces left to tour

Two Provinces left to tour

Two provinces left to tour
Solo visiting school Students

Malaita and Temotu provinces remain the only two provinces for Solo the 2023 Pacific Games Mascot to visit.

Since August of last year (2022), Solo’s nationwide tour of Solomon Islands has reached down far as to Shortland Islands in the west and to Makira /Ulawa province eastward of the country.
The Mascot tours are part of the Sol2023 Pacific Games Community Engagement Program aimed at generating public awareness and promoting this year’s Games.

It is also aimed at engaging all Solomon Islanders to feel connected to the Games and to ensure people know how they can be involved and engaged with the Games.

According to the Games Organizing Committee (GOC)’s Community Engagement team, Solo will be making two tours to Malaita province starting this month.

Upon its return, Solo will then travel down to Temotu province, before wrapping up its nationwide tour with a return to Malaita toward the end of next month (February).
Upon completion of the Mascot tour, the GOC Community Engagement program will then launch its Ambassadors tour in March this year.

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