Turtle Conservation

The Nature Conservancy

“We’ve been working with sea turtles in Solomon Islands for the last 30 or so years. All turtles are endangered species and here in Solomon Islands, we have the largest rookeries for the Hawksbill turtle in the South Pacific.

“Studies we have done show that turtles are being harvested indiscriminately in our communities at an alarming consumption rate of 11,000 per year.

“This means that a lot of the turtles that are harvested are juveniles and this will most certainly affect the population of turtles going forward into the future.

“That is why we see this partnership with the 2023 Pacific Games as a big opportunity for us – as a massive way forward to help enhance our work in protecting all sea turtles from extinction here in Solomon Islands and throughout the Pacific Region,” said Mr Atu, Country Director of Nature Conservancy Solomon Islands.

For more information please visit the Nature Conservancy, Arnavons website @ www.arnavons.com

TNCSI Group Photo
TNC Country Director Willie Atu (left) and his staff meet Solo the Mascot flanked by GOC Staff.