SPO sign up as Games first Gold Sponsor

South Pacific Oil Limited (SPOL) is officially a Gold Partner-Sponsor of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

The official signing and sponsorship announcement between SPO and the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) was made at a brief ceremony in Honiara today.

The sponsorship valued at $5.1 million dollars (SBD) makes SPO the Games first Gold Sponsor, and the official fuelling partner of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

SPO Deputy Board Chair, Tony Makabo said, “the SPO Board has agreed that it will contribute $5.1 million dollars (SBD) toward the Games. This $5 million dollar support will be in the form of fuel.

3 2 | September 29, 2023
SPO Deputy Board Chair, Tony Makabo (right) and GOC Chair, Martin Rara signing the sponsorship agreement.
1 2 | September 29, 2023
SPO Staff trying out Solo’s signature move after yesterday’s official announcement.

SPO will take care of fueling all Games vehicles, Games contracted vehicles and generators,” Mr Makabo said.

GOC will be engaging a fleet of 300 vehicles for the Games this year.

Makabo said, “This is big money. I call on GOC to be responsible, be economical in terms of the use of vehicles in facilitating the Games this year.”

He said that this support is for a good course and is of national interest, adding that SPO would like to see the Games delivered successfully come November and December this year.

GOC Board Chairman, Martin Rara described SPO’s support through the sponsorship as timely, significant and a lifeline for the Games.

“This huge support by SPO is truly very timely and is a lifeline for the Games. This support is best defined as proving a lifeline for the Games as far as movement and operations is concerned.

“Movement is one of the critical aspects of Games delivery this year – through this sponsorship you (SPO) have enhanced that.

“Athletes and officials can move from venue to venue, to and from the Games villages – this in turn gives us confidence that we will deliver a successful Sol2023 Pacific Games,” Mr Rara said.

As per the sponsorship, SPO gains the right and access to explore and utilize specific benefits under the Games Gold sponsorship level.

Meanwhile GOC will be making another official sponsorship announcement tomorrow (31st May, 2023).

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