Youth Week 2023

‘SOL2023’, the talk of Honiara this week

20230516 105820 | February 24, 2024
Youths obtaining information at SOL2023 booth during youth week ,2023.

The Sol2023 Pacific Games was the most talked about subject at the Youth Week event in Honiara this week.

Organized by the Honiara City Council (HCC), the Youth Week was aimed at empowering and engaging the city’s youth populace, and providing them with opportunities, resources and support towards their development and capacity building.

The event also saw GOC (Games Organizing Committee) Workforce team awareness on this year’s historical Games, its benefits and the opportunities that come with it.

GOC Media Officer, Ezmie Oge said, “Our aim in attending the Youth Week event was to share important Games information, and provide interested individuals with opportunities to participate and be involved with the Games”.

“We’ve had many come by asking us about the Games Volunteer program, Community Groups program, Opening Ceremony, Sports Events and Venues – even asking us when tickets will be ready.

“This provided us the opportunity to share that information with them and at the same time see for ourselves the huge interest Sol2023 is generating amongst our City’s populace”.

Ezmie said the huge following Sol2023 is generating on all media platforms and the mass number of applications received for Games Volunteering are indicators that the Games is the most talked about subject in Honiara currently.

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